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Women's Self Defense Classes are held the last Sunday of every month. Our goal is to teach woman how to inflict the most amount of damage as fast as possible. This ensures the ability to get away safely. Women's Self Defense Classes are designed to teach woman how to level the playing field, and to deter and defend themselves from attackers. Women's Self Defense Classes curriculum is Simple, Effective, and Retainable methods of self defense are based upon
(1) Common Sense and (2) Training.

Restraint that fully subdues an individual as well as allows the ability to secure your surrounds with a firearm. This is Extremely important for officers when going through arrest procedures in a hostile area. This allows the officer to restrain an individual and secure your surroundings at the same time.

Firearm Retention for both long and short-gun. This information is extremely important because it teaches you how to maintain control of your firearm when someone grabs it. Firearm Retention teaches you how to break their grip and get a controlled, well placed shot off. Firearm Retention is required information when doing room clearing tactics.

Combat Blade Fighting. Pekiti Tirsia Kali blade fighting tactics are second to none, and are sought after by military and special forces organizations from around the world. The Combat Blade Fighting tactics that PTKBaltimore teaches is the same curriculum that is taught to the Filipino Force Recon Marines.

Vehicle Extraction is how to properly and safely remove a non-compliant person from a vehicle. The Vehicle Extraction teaches you how to remove a non-compliant individual from a vehicle with out the need of assistance from backup. Vehicle Extraction is ideal for military and law enforcement.

Speed Cuffing and Tactical Handcuffing. These are fast and effective techniques that teach you how to securely handcuff someone. The difference between Speed Cuffing and Tactical Handcuffing is as follows. Speed Cuffing is where you approach a suspect with handcuffs already out and in your hand. Tactical Handcuffing is where you have to restrain or subdue a suspect then deploy your handcuffs. 


Classes are located at Exile Fitness on Pulaski Highway.  Classes are on Wednesday from 7-8pm and Sunday mornings from 9-11am. Womans Self Defense Classes are the Last Sunday of every month from 11:30am-1:30pm.  Private training sessions also available and discounted group training sessions

Exile Fitness
8101 Pulaski Highway
Rosedale, Md 21237

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