Kali Baltimore


Nic Forti teaching how to properly restrain someone while at the same time securing your surroundings. This shows one of the proper techniques to ensure that the Law Enforcement agent is safe before continuing the arrest procedures.

Left Tuhon Tim Waid, Right Nic Forti
This was taken at the 2013 Instructors Gathering in Dallas, Texas after 3 days of training

The Pekiti-Tirsia Kali system is an authentic, indigenous combat Bladefighting system from the Philippines that employs all traditional weapons including Empty-Hands. The foundation system of Pekiti-Tirsia is the Doce Methodos. The Doce Methodos are the twelve (12) methods that define every manner and method in which a bladed weapon can be used to strike with. Doce Methodos defines strikes and attacks by angle, energy,  weapon anatomy (strikes with the edge, point, back of blade and butt) and manipulation. Knowlege of the tactics and techniques of the Doce Methodos transfer to all weapon categories and allows one to effectively employ any weapon (edged, impact, flexible, projectile) and combination of weapons (double, long and short) in combat.  The advanced systems of Contradas, Contra-Tirsia, Doble-Dos, and Advanced Combat Methods all likewise transfer in application to all weapons. This strategic structure and systemology provides the most effective and expedient training process for transferring the knowledge, understanding, and skills of close quarters combat.   This systemology is unique to the Filipino martial arts and exclusive to the Pekiti-Tirsia system today.

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